Type of Works
Cladding Consultancy
‘Section 20’ Major works


This is a cladding replacement project to large residential block in the East Midlands. Earl Kendrick have been appointed as the overall project manager, from coordinating inspections through to overseeing the required works.

Intrusive inspections were undertaken which determined that there is a rainscreen cladding system attached to a timber sub-frame. The rainscreen system was determined to be combustible, and as such remedial works encompassing full replacement of the rainscreen cladding system was required. The render cladding system was identified as an EWI system (External Wall Insulated System) with polystyrene insulation, though fire barriers of mineral wool were identified, meaning the EWI system was able to stay in-situ – albeit some fire safety remedial works were required.

We worked with the freeholder’s managing agent in assembling the full project team required. Through our contacts we were able to coordinate appointment of the various experts, who were able to undertake the inspections sooner than originally anticipated.

As part of our overall review, we highlighted the benefits of including other building maintenance works to make best use of scaffolding, thus reducing future maintenance costs.

We will provide further updates on this case study as the project progresses.

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