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EK Digital Aerial Drone Surveys


The purpose of this survey was to record all elements of the facades, in particular spalling masonry, efflorescence, deflected panels, fractured spandrel panels and dislodged gaskets. The aim of this project was to create a model of the buildings facades so the client is able to interact with the model to review the elements of the building their various teams needed to focus on.

The data was captured in a specific way to ensure the data was correct both for the model and inspection purposes.

We delivered the end survey data using multiple platforms so that it could be reviewed and inspected in various ways by the end client and various stakeholders. This included our standard digital delivery platform in addition to utilising the Twinsity inspection platform.

Challenges for the drone team were control of the area, scaffolding around parts of the building and the location being in a highly congested area.


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