Type of Works
‘Section 20’ Major works / Contract Administration
Planned Maintenance Programmes


We were originally instructed in 2017 to review the condition of an attractive apartment scheme by the sea, in lovely Lytham St Anne’s, and provide planned maintenance advice. Fast forward almost three years and EK North was again instructed to begin the process of undertaking section 20 major works to replace the existing flat roof coverings.

Upon our initial design inspection we reviewed the condition of the roof coverings and took core samples of the roof build up to find that the insulation below the felt was completely dry. Although the falls to the roof were sufficient to drain rainwater to the outlets, ponding was present to the roof leading the leaseholders to believe there was a serious issue with the roof design.

Following some careful ‘gardening’ to gradually remove the vegetation from the blocked outlets, within minutes we had managed to clear the roof of the ponding rainwater. We went back to our client and advised that with ongoing maintenance we believe the existing roof coverings could last a further 3-5 years!

If there is a simple and cost effective solution, we’ll find it.

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