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Greenwich Millennium Village (GMV) is a mixed-tenure modern development located on the Thames River in East London. Launched in 1999, GMV encompasses 25.8 hectares and represents a new age for development in the city. The village was designed by architects Ralph Erskine and partners, built as part of the rejuvenation of the area after the millennium celebrations. GMV comprises 1,095 flats and houses as well as a village square and plenty of shops.

When constructed, the goal was to cut primary energy use by 80% using low-energy building techniques and renewable energy technologies. With a reinstatement valuation of £375 million, it constitutes one of the largest public funded projects in this amazing city. With the current financial crisis in the UK, should eco-friendly and thermal efficient buildings be at the forefront of developers minds? We certainly think so.

We are getting more familiar with London’s landmark buildings and developments, and we will have plenty more to come.

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