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The removal of chimneys is always of concern as it may mean that the flats below cannot use theirs in future.  In this case, it was shown that the flat below (lower ground floor) either did not have chimneys or had already had their own removed.  The structural engineer was therefore able to design a suitable beams arrangement to support the remaining chimneys above, as well as further structural strengthening where other walls were to be removed.  It was also necessary to bring in an Advising Engineer, to act for the Landlord, to assess and approve the leaseholder’s engineer’s designs.

Further problems were encountered following a full strip of the property, whereby it was found that the walls in the property had not been properly tied into the front elevation – presumably a problem since construction.  Therefore suitable ties were installed to correct this issue.

The project took 5 months to complete and the flat is now habited by the delighted leaseholder.

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