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EK Digital Aerial Drone Surveys


Our EK Digital team have been busy with this project in Richmond. The drone was used due to no direct access to the roof and to keep residents at ease knowing only one day on site was required to record all necessary data. There was no requirement for scaffolding or other access equipment. Using the drone ensured close inspection of the various elements of the roof.

Challenges for the drone team included; management of the operation area as residents were entering and exiting  the building throughout the duration of the survey; keeping VLOS(visual line of sight) due to the size, number of roofs and location of the property, this required a lot of movement and communication between ground crew and the remote pilot; natural hazards (trees and birds) surrounding the building requiring careful planning and skilled flying of the drone around the property.

This was all achieved through careful planning Understanding of the need for the information and how it would be used, and by using an experienced and knowledgeable team who could evidence the safety of the operation.

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