Our expert team are experienced in delivering projects for independent, private and state schools. Whether it be modernising a Victorian primary school or creating a stateof-the-art new build university facility, we can support you
throughout the process.

Educational institutions are transformational places that shape young people’s lives. That’s why we place a strong focus on engaging with students, staff, councils, communities and wider stakeholders to ensure that each project reaches its full potential and provides a vibrant, modern and stimulating learning environment.

We’re experienced in tackling the unique challenges faced by clients in the educational sector. For example, we can support schools that face capacity pressures due to population growth by conducting feasibility studies to assess the viability of creating extended or new facilities, and then seeing any resulting project through to completion.

Universities have their own unique challenges. Competing on a global scale to attract students and staff, it’s vital that universities provide an exemplary offering. In partnership with architects, our team can ensure exceptional standards of design and functionality across all university facilities, including teaching spaces, lecture theatres, libraries, research laboratories, administrative facilities, canteens, recreational/leisure spaces, and halls of residence.

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