“At the heart of our business is a commitment to recruiting talented people and providing them with the best possible training in order to forge the finest team for our clients”

Julian Davies, Managing Director


“Being part and parcel of our industry means having empathy for the tough job that property managers do AND having a good understanding of landlord and tenant act legislation. The surveyors at Earl Kendrick not only understand the importance of the raft of legislation underpinning what we do – whether that is H&S, Section 20, etc., but they also know their way around a lease. That overarching comprehension of managing agent obligations and what we need to do to support our clients, means Earl Kendrick can be very client facing, immediately giving us credibility in our choice of surveyor.

Perceptions can be as important as reality, so we have always been pleased to deal with a surveyor that has strong branding which runs through all written and online communications, whether those are emails, proposal documents, notices to residents and meeting minutes – all look the part as well as containing everything we and our clients would expect to see.

Fundamental to the success of any major works project is the management of our client’s money, which is our key role as the managing agent. We know with Earl Kendrick that they are looking closely at the financial side of things: suggesting cost effective ways of organising a project and then ensuring contractors are very well managed, through regular site visits and using JCT contracts where staged payments are key (contractors are only paid once each phase of the work has been completed). Their tender process, including detailed tender summaries, is the best I have seen in the industry.

“Taking Surveying Personally” has been Earl Kendrick’s strapline of late. We only manage residential buildings so being personable is absolutely essential – just as well that the Earl Kendrick team is lovely to deal with.

Ultimately, as much as being personable is important, we are engaging with Earl Kendrick because of their technical skills. They have terrific strength in depth and we have relied on their problem-solving talents many times.”

Vedia Johnson, Director
Johnson Burke & Co Ltd


“I am proud to be able to say that I have been a supporter of EK from the very beginning and that despite their significant growth particular in the residential sector, they have managed to sustain the high level of service that I have come to expect from Julian and the senior team. From major works supervision to PMPs and licence to alter consents, we value EK’s strength in the surveying field.

Having worked alongside Julian throughout my 20+ year career in the property management industry, I know that I can always rely on his team’s flexible and pragmatic approach.  This coupled with their professionalism and the support they provide directly to our clients as well as ourselves, helps them to stand out from the crowd. Their personal approach ensures the job gets done to our mutual client’s satisfaction.

We know we can always rely on their useful factsheets (which we regularly send to clients), and expert advice delivered through presentations, seminars and blogs. EK remain firmly in touch with our industry which is crucial to everyone within it.”

Sarah Fisher, Managing Director
MIH Property Management


“We have used Earl Kendrick on a number of projects including external redecorations and some very complex licences to alter.  We have found them to be both very professional and extremely approachable on any questions / issues we or our clients raise.  They are especially mindful of the fact that these are people’s homes and questions are answered in a helpful and sympathetic manner.

Their fees are very fair and also flexible where necessary.  Similarly with communication and advice, Earl Kendrick reports are thorough, well considered and detailed, and their advice is clear.   I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other managing agents who can benefit from their wide ranging technical expertise delivered in a very friendly and understandable way.”

Sue Meara, Senior Property Manager
Fry & Co


“Having known Julian for over 10 years I have always found that his passion for surveying and customer service is reflected in everything he does. And that is echoed by his team, whether we are talking licence to alter, PMPs or major works contract administration.

EK has been built on delivering expert surveying skills, detailed and accurate reporting, customer focus and support of the Property Management industry – and this has certainly been our experience which we are grateful for.

Recently EK has managed a complex and multi-trade project for us at one of our prestigious Mayfair buildings. A full services infrastructure renewal included new lateral mains, lift replacement, CCTV, access control, new electrical services, fire alarm, roof works and communal heating and hot water replacement. We don’t know many surveyors who can handle a project like this. We’re impressed and relieved we have EK on hand to support us.”

Leanne Barker, Director of Property Management
Blenheims Estate & Asset Management


“After working with numerous surveying companies over many years, I was pleased  to find a company that was thoroughly  professional, responsive and delivered on every promise in a friendly and business-like manner. Recent jobs include a planned maintenance programme on a former mill in south Manchester – buildings of historical interest are one of Earl Kendrick’s passions – and a cladding survey as part of a fire safety compliance exercise.

Their building surveying staff and management are very knowledgeable, easy to work with and a credit to Earl Kendrick and I can thoroughly recommend and endorse them without hesitation.”

Antony Donnellan, Senior Property Manager


It’s great to have Earl Kendrick on board to assist us and our clients with a wide range of building surveying needs. Our portfolio of residential buildings is located in quite a tight geographical area but the styles construction vary significantly. Before instructing Earl Kendrick, we looked at their case studies and having spoken to them too, we had every confidence that whatever type of building we are managing, Earl Kendrick has the expertise to deal. Which is reassuring for us and for our clients. It can be really helpful to have our building surveyors in the room when talking to our clients about large scale works or putting together a PMP. So it’s nice to have Earl Kendrick volunteering their time to meet our clients directly – that really assists in making sure all parties are introduced at an early stage and pulling in the same direction.

Whatever the task, Earl Kendrick is efficient and thorough. We have projects on site at the time of writing and two defect reports recently completed. All being handled efficiently. Whilst we pride ourselves in our ability to plan well ahead and give our suppliers plenty of time to do their bit, sometimes we need something urgently and quality cannot be compromised. Flexible working procedures seem to allow Earl Kendrick to jump on our urgent jobs.

The team at Alexandre Boyes highly recommends Earl Kendrick

Kevin Guthrie, Estate and Property Manager
Alexandre Boyes


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“We nurture our own people, providing the best training and environment. Find out more about the Earl Kendrick management team below.”

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