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Residential Retrofit Consultancy

The private leasehold sector clearly makes up a large part of UK housing, and there are various legal and practical complexities when it comes to upgrades in the sector.

Many of our clients have concerns about what the UK government’s green agenda could mean for their properties. In particular, there is currently some uncertainty about how and when to undertake retrofit and green upgrades in residential blocks. At Earl Kendrick, we are working hard to stay on top of developments so we can offer up-to-date advice both in terms of what landlords should be doing to prepare themselves and how they should deal with applications from leaseholders for various works. Please get in touch to discuss how we can guide your decision-making in this crucial area, to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

Julian Davies
Group Managing Director


Chris Stansell
Managing Director - EK London


Phillipa Burgin
Senior Building Surveyor - EK London


We are working closely with our clients, consultants and peers to advice on key areas such as:

  • Overall strategy for retrofit and green agenda upgrades
  • The use of heat pumps, and how to formulate an effective policy for leaseholders (including positioning and potential conflicts of interest with other leaseholders or the landlord)
  • The impact of the prohibition on new gas boilers for consumers from 2025
  • The potential of more energy efficient boilers or replacement of gas supply
  • Upgrading metering to increase efficiency
  • Electricity and lighting regulations
  • Windows and insulation
  • Electric car charging facilities
  • How to engage with local authorities on the above issues
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