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Services for Housing Associations

We recognise that working with social housing blocks can present its own unique requirements and we aim to offer dedicated services that support this specialist area of leasehold supported by our multi-disciplinary team.

EK Housing Associations

In Summer 2020 we aligned ourselves with the National Leasehold Group (NLG), who are an independent nationwide group that focus on professional leasehold management in Housing Associations (HA’s). We realise the varied nature of the buildings that become part of an HA’s portfolio and the importance of maintaining these buildings to ensure longevity whilst keeping costs down! Managing social housing has its own unique set of challenges including limited time-frames and budgets, council led conversions all whilst offering minimal impact to occupying residents. We aim to work with dedicated property managers to create bespoke planned maintenance programmes that can be adapted to meet the specific set of requirements needed for this sector.

Key services we offer:

Andrew Banister
Director - EK North and EK Midlands


Chris Stansell
Managing Director - EK London


Mazhar Farid
Director - EK West

Bsc Hons

Zoë Walheim
Director - EK South


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