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Description of the Property: The external structures consisting of a series of single-story, interlinked warehouse units primarily constructed with sheet steel on portal frames

External Area and Infrastructure: The external areas are well-maintained and feature access roads and turning yards with robust brushed concrete surfacing suitable for HGVs, a staff car park is surfaced with tarmacadam and solid brick boundary walls, some of which were supplemented by substantial brick-built buttresses The site also includes a bridge over the Dudley Canal, estimated to be approximately a century old. Vehicle gates controlled access to the public realm, while cobblestoned yards are found to the east of the site, adjacent to the canal.

Reinstatement Cost Assessment and Recommendations: Considering the diverse age range of the structures and the various upgrades and retrofits undertaken over the years, the total sum for the forthcoming year commencing October 2023 has been recommended at circa £14 million.

Conclusion: The Reinstatement Cost Assessment survey conducted for the site, provides a comprehensive understanding of the property’s current state, its historical evolution, and the estimated costs associated with restoring the site to its original condition. This assessment serves as a crucial tool for stakeholders and decision-makers involved in the future development or refurbishment of the property, enabling informed decision-making and effective resource allocation.

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