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City North is a substantial residential-led mixed-use development situated across an active rail station and urban thoroughfare. The property features a car lift providing access to underground parking, and distinctive roof terrace gardens, a cinema, a Marks and Spencers and numerous other commercial units. This case study delves into the complexities of conducting a reinstatement cost assessment at a place like City North considering its mixed-use nature, unique architectural features, and the variety of interior designs spanning an active rail station and urban thoroughfare, making it a prominent and dynamic part of the cityscape.

Internally, the property boasts a largely homogenous interior design characterized by dark wallpapers, beige carpeting, and white walls, complemented by dark veneer carpentry. This design theme is prevalent in most residential areas, creating a consistent aesthetic throughout. Variations of this theme are present in the commercial common parts and the specific floor levels designated for affordable rent/DMS specifications.

City North features communal roof terrace gardens located on the roofs of Block A (low level) and at Level 10 around the vicinity of the West Tower. These external areas contribute to the overall appeal of the development, offering residents and visitors a green and recreational space amidst the urban environment.

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