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Tea Trade Wharf, originally built as a tea storage warehouse in the early 20th century, underwent a transformation in 2003 when it was converted into a residential and commercial space. The conversion resulted in 75 luxury apartments and penthouses with balconies and roof terraces, accompanied by a ground-floor commercial/public house unit. This case study examines the reinstatement cost assessment for Tea Trade Wharf, a nine-storey factory conversion, to understand the implications and requirements for insurance purposes.

 Property Overview: Tea Trade Wharf is a distinctive nine-storey structure, featuring a mix of red and yellow brickwork on its facades. The building boasts balconies from the first to the sixth floor on both the front and rear facades, while the penthouses on the seventh floor enjoy wrap-around inset roof terraces. The apartments are distributed from the upper ground to the seventh floor, offering an array of living spaces with a breath-taking view of the surrounding area.

The ground floor is primarily occupied by “Brown’s Restaurant and Bar,” which is accessible from the rear facade. Inside Tea Trade Wharf, the ground floor is comprised of a reception area, a refuse store, a plant room, and a concierge office. The combination of luxury apartments and commercial spaces provides a unique and vibrant atmosphere within the building.

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