Type of Works
‘Section 20’ Major works / Contract Administration


Earl Kendrick initially visited the property to carry out an initial survey to determine the extent to which redecorations and repairs were required. From there, a specification was written, agreed upon with the client and then the tender process was started. The tender returns were then accumulated in a report and this was provided to the client, giving them as much thorough information as possible for them to make an informed decision about the works and prices from contractors.

The works went underway in August 2022 and were due to be completed in November 2022. Earl Kendrick oversaw that the contractor adhered to CDM regulations. Weekly throughout the project, Earl Kendrick attended site to ensure that works were on schedule and to a good standard. Earl Kendrick controlled cash flow to ensure the contractors were paid appropriately and that the client was getting good standards of workmanship for their money.

The works finished on target in November, the clients greatly satisfied.

As part of the service Earl Kendrick provide, there is a 12 month rectification period from the point of practical completion. Earl Kendrick at the end of the 12 months return to the property to inspect the works. Any works that have not maintained are high-standard are then referred back to the contractor to amend- thus ensuring even after the works are complete the client can be satisfied with good workmanship. In the case of heathfields, there was occasions where clients spotted minor errors in painting or finishes (which is typical of such a large project). This was reported to Earl Kendrick and Earl Kendrick resolved this for the clients. Therefore, through the entire project, the client has had no stress when it came to the works, administration or quality control.

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